Call, Email Or Come In For A Cuppa.

Feel free to come in for a cup of tea and chat about what we can do for you.
At SCUBA DEN (previously known as DGR Scuba Diving) our number one priority is YOU.

Everything is taken at your pace, we’re not in any rush and hey, why should you be? There’s no need to feel pressured, with years of experience you will be in safe hands and if you do have any worries or concerns let us know, so
we can help ease your mind learning to scuba dive in Cyprus.

Our focus is on you and your comfort while diving, we offer a personal service.

Diving with SCUBA unit is meant to be fun so relax, take your time and enjoy it, while our incredible team takes care of all the fine details. In no time you will be in a new amazing underwater world of Cyprus.

What we will offer…

• Relaxed, patient tuition.
• Families and friends are able to learn together, privately.
• One on one tuition at no extra cost. If you’re not comfortable and think you’ll need extra attention, we’ll take you out separately so we can focus on you and only you.
• Qualified divers can come along for minimum cost while friends or family are learning.
• Relax between and after dives with the friendly staff at Cyprus most chilled out dive center.
• Registration with the most internationally recognized association of diving instructors PADI.

The whole family came, we are having lunch between the dives

Divers having lunch

We at DGR are great believers in having a relaxing time, there is never any hurry to run from one dive site to the other. We enjoy chilling out, before, in between, and after dives. Having a relaxed pace of life is our motto.

What we ask of you is to make yourself at home in the dive center, there are endless amounts of tea, coffee, etc. Boil the kettle and make yourself a cuppa (not forgetting, of course, to offer us one).
As stated elsewhere on our website non-divers can come along and share in the experience of their loved ones, and friends having the most fascinating times of their lives (ask for fees).

Group discounts are available.